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Breakfast at Joule Coffee + Table

I am not a morning person, but for some reason, last Saturday I got a very early start and headed to downtown Raleigh for breakfast at Joule Coffee + Table.

They open at 7am, and I arrived around 8:30am. To my surprise, the place was nearly empty, save for a few employees. I have never seen Joule so empty. Less than an hour later, the place was packed, looking like the familiar sight I'm used to.

I love coffee, so I started my day off with a nice drip coffee that my server recommended. I have no recollection of what kind it was exactly, as my brain tends not to fully turn on until after I've had a few sips of la caféine.

Once I did that, I ordered their seasonal hotcake, which currently happens to be blueberry. It was far bigger than I expected and it comes with a large dollop of whipped local cream on top, and a side of Virgina maple syrup. I can hardly put into words how delicious it all was. The hotcake was slightly crispy on the bottom, I love that! Also worth mentioning, is the fact that they don't skimp on the whipped cream. That's one of my bigget pet peeves, so I was thrilled to get a "real"-sized portion of it on my hotcake.

I also got a side of hash browns because I just wanted an all-starch breakfast I guess, and it was perfect.

Having been to Joule a bunch of times for brunches, lunches and drinks, I am making a mental note to get down there more often for early breakfasts. It was really nice to start my day so quietly and deliciously. And I can't believe I never had one of their hotcakes before!






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