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Monster Drawing Rally at NCMA

Last Friday I attended the Monster Drawing Rally at North Carolina Museum of Art. It was their 1st such event. It sold pretty quickly so I was glad I snagged a ticket early on. Tickets were just $5, so, definitely worth it even if you’re not sure you’ll like something like this. The event had over 20 artists making art in each round. There were 3 rounds and each one lasted just under an hour. At end of each round, artworks were collected & hung on display for patrons to view and buy if they chose to. All works were priced at $50 each.

It was really cool to observe these artists from the sidelines at the long tables that wrapped around in a semicircle. The vibe the entire time was exciting and a little frenzied. The artists were deeply focused on what they were doing, understandably so, as they had a time limit. Worked out well for me since I love snapping pics and typically first ask if it's OK to do so, but that was more of a distraction to them so I just stopped asking after a while.

Deep concentration.

Art in progress.

Not strictly drawing went on, which was cool.

This artist was painting based on the little bird skull propped up in front of her. That's a lot of detail for 1 hr of painting and I wanted to venture back to see it at the end, but got distracted by other works. It was easy to do when there are a couple of dozen artists creating at the very same time and all are clustered in 1 room.

I adored this patron's artsy outfit and those horns. Loved those horns! It was fun, serious and creative at the same time.

This may have been a patron, or it may have been a part of the show. I really don't know, but I enjoyed it. That's what I love about art, it's not the norm and it's not boring.

Brueprint was one of the sponsors. I must admit, upon arrival I breezed through the room, then made a quick stop to get me one of these. It was tasty. Then I went back to observe the art. Yey to local beer!

Wall of art for sale. I'm a fan of word art. Text art? I really don't even know if there's a term for it, but I like art that has words in it. ;)

DJ Forge was also one of the sponsors. Good tunes all night.

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