Hummingbird, Tiny, Yet Big

Recently a great little spot opened in Raleigh, called Hummingbird. It’s a cafe & bar. Just like the bird, it’s tiny, but big on what it delivers.

Upon first walking in, I immediately loved the look & feel of the place. It was cozy, casual & modern. The bar itself captured my eye, a beautiful white marbletop and bright yellow bar-stools lined up along the way. The bar seats about 10-12 people at most I’d say, so when I say it’s a tiny place, it’s very tiny. In the corner of the room on the wall is a lovely mural of 2 hummingbirds.

Around the bend is their dining room which is also, you guessed it, tiny. Just a few small tables. What this place has to offer besides the cozy atmosphere is excellent drinks, food and service. I don’t know about you but this covers all the bases for me in what I look for. I’m not needy, I just want everything. Ha!

Note: the ricotta fritters were delicious but I was also really wowed with the condiments they came with, mascarpone cream and blueberry jam. Enough so, that I had to inquire. Apparently they make everything in-house at Hummingbird, so that explains things. Because really, who gets excited about that? ;)

So, having mentioned how small this place is, I learned from the server that when the weather warms up they intended to put outdoor seating by the front entrance. That will be nice I think, as Hummingbird is located in an elevated space at Dock 1053. Just a few doors down is a brewery, and they have outdoor seating which works really well over there.

Also at Hummingbird, there’s an event space that is rentable, Whitaker & Atlantic. It’s located just past the dining room in case you want to take a peak. It’s got a big glass door so have a look-see. I’ve included a pic below too.

On my way out, in asking more questions like I often do, I happened to meet the owner, Coleen Speaks. You may have heard of her other business, PoshNosh Catering. I know I’ve eaten food at some party or event that was catered by PoshNosh, but can’t remember it. Funny, because I do remember the food & catering company!

It makes total sense to open this cafe & bar and the event space. Obviously the food is incredible so it’s nice that it’s now more accessible in this new setting.

ADDRESS: 1053 E Whitaker Mill Road Raleigh NC 27604 919.301.8900

WEBSITE: http://hummingbirdraleigh.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Hummingbird-1449387968485599/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/hummingbirdral/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/HummingbirdRAL?lang=en

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