Oakwood Halloween House

Happy Halloween Eve! This afternoon I dropped by the famous Oakwood Halloween House in Raleigh, to see how it’s looking. Wow, looked great! Every year, homeowner Jesse Jones does something different, although you’ll recognize several familiar “characters” displayed in new ways.

Mostly, you will be in awe of every detail and you’ll be entertained by the little surprises hidden along the perimeter of the property. I always feel like a kid again, gazing at all the decorations. It appears others experience it much the same way. It’s hard not too.

And yes, Mr. Jones likes to share his political opinions such as this set-up of our current President being eaten by a T-Rex. Mostly though, it’s strictly Halloween themed props & decorations.

ABC11 Eyewitness News were on site too, getting some live footage and interviewing passers-by.

I’m looking forward to seeing the house again tomorrow evening on Halloween night, when all the lights and spooky toys will be activated. Fun for everyone! If you don’t catch it in person, you’ll definitely see mention of it on the local news.

If this Halloween will be anything like previous years, be prepared for limited parking, very large crowds walking through the nearby streets, and police being on hand for crowd control & to keep streets passable. The Oakwood Halloween House is after all, in a very quaint little neighborhood. (Historic Oakwood). Remember to keep streets clear & stay on the sidewalks. :)

Address: 504 Oakwood Ave, Raleigh, NC

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