Have You Spotted #TheAlphabetProjectNC Murals Around Raleigh?

This weekend I did some exploring in downtown Raleigh and came across artist Morgan Cook, who was in the process of painting this “E” mural in a galaxy background. Cook, a native North Carolinian from Chapel Hill, recently returned from a stint in Los Angeles. Now firmly planted in Raleigh, he has set upon a community art project to beautify the city, which he calls #TheAlphabetProjectNC. “E” for East Cabarrus Street? Yes. This year-long project will feature all 26 letters

There’s now a Brasserie at Neuse River Brewing Co.

Neuse River Brewing Co. is one of my favorite breweries in Raleigh. I didn’t think it could get better but it did. It now has a brasserie in it, and today I tried it out for brunch. The brasserie opened fairly recently, (November), but I only now got down there. Yeah that is slower than I usually like to be about checking out a new place but better late than never, as they say. And apparently I’ve been missing out on a good thing! Enter through the big double doors with “NRBC

Wednesdays = Burger Night at Hummingbird

Wednesdays = Burger Night at Hummingbird in Raleigh. First things first though... One can’t come here & not get a cocktail. From the beginning, this place has been a favorite of mine for well-made cocktails. This cocktail is called Bobbin' for Apples. And now Hummingbird is also one of my faves for burgers too! I didn’t request any extras added, it comes this way: Bacon, cheddar, tomato, & arugula, and the fries. $14 total is worth this tastiness. Hummingbird 1053 E Whitaker

Trader Joe’s Dip in Soup

I made soup. A basic brothy potato soup but felt like it needed more, so I sautéed mushrooms & onions to add. It was tasty but I still thought it needed something more. Finally, it occurred to me to combine this dip that I got at Trader Joe’s recently. This was the first time I bought it and actually didn’t like it a whole lot, but it was just what the soup needed. It gave it some tangy creaminess, plus the vegetables! It actually was a great result. I’m glad the dip didn’t g

Noodle Soup at Mekong in Morrisville, NC

One of my favorite places for Vietnamese food in the Triangle is Mekong, in Morrisville, NC. They specialize in authentic Southern Vietnamese cuisine. It is a casual & inexpensive restaurant with great food and service. On this occasion, I opted for the pho, (noodle soup), as it has been quite cold lately here in the Triangle. What else are you gonna eat? Hot soup is perfect on days like these. I got the “Combination” pho, which contains several meats: well done beef, rare be