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Union Camp Collective: Vintage, Antiques, and Event Space

This is different. Union Camp Collective is a vintage and antiques shop, as well as an event space. I’ve seen this place before while driving by. The flags draped from the ceiling caught my eye through the large windows at the front of the store. I never stopped in until now since there was no sign identifying it, so I figured it might be a storage place for some business. On this day, I noticed the writing on the door and I had a friend with me who urged me to stop and check it out. So we did. 

Wow, it’s quite a large space, certainly larger than appears from the street. There is a ton of stuff in there and my eye was drawn to one thing after another. Most eye-catching was the collection of National Geographic magazines on NINE really wide bookshelves. Have you ever seen that many National Geographic magazines in one place? I used to love that magazine when I was growing up, for the educational content and the beautiful photography,   

It's a little tough to put into words all that can be found in this store. If you like one of a kind items, and items from decades passed, I'd say go and browse. around. 

Union Camp Collective

1109 N. West St.

Raleigh, NC 27603


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