There’s now a Brasserie at Neuse River Brewing Co.

Neuse River Brewing Co. is one of my favorite breweries in Raleigh. I didn’t think it could get better but it did. It now has a brasserie in it, and today I tried it out for brunch. The brasserie opened fairly recently, (November), but I only now got down there. Yeah that is slower than I usually like to be about checking out a new place but better late than never, as they say. And apparently I’ve been missing out on a good thing! Enter through the big double doors with “NRBC

Wednesdays = Burger Night at Hummingbird

Wednesdays = Burger Night at Hummingbird in Raleigh. First things first though... One can’t come here & not get a cocktail. From the beginning, this place has been a favorite of mine for well-made cocktails. This cocktail is called Bobbin' for Apples. And now Hummingbird is also one of my faves for burgers too! I didn’t request any extras added, it comes this way: Bacon, cheddar, tomato, & arugula, and the fries. $14 total is worth this tastiness. Hummingbird 1053 E Whitaker

Vita Vite in North Hills, Clink-Clink!

Vita Vite is an art gallery and a wine bar. But it is an experience too. The 2nd Vita Vite location opens today, 1pm. Hopefully you’ve caught my Insta Stories or posts on Instagram & Twitter about this a few weeks ago when I attended the preview. The actual opening date was up in the air back then and just announced very recently, but alas, the day has arrived! View of downstairs bar from the upstairs bar. I highly recommend a visit if you like great wine, delicious small pla

Sola Coffee Cafe

I really like Sola Coffee Cafe. It’s a cute neighborhood spot in the Greystone Village Shopping Center in a Raleigh. It’s always busy in there. I still haven’t found a slow time to go so maybe there isn't a slow time. Ha! Today was busy as ever. I typically see a lot of people in there who are camped out on their laptops, but I can usually find a spot to sit. Today there were no spots inside so I sat on the patio. Not my preference as it was really hot out, but I figured I wa

Healthy Brunch at Happy + Hale in North Hills

Last weekend I headed to brunch at the newest Happy + Hale location, in North Hills, Raleigh. Brunch at a healthy eats place? What? Yup, no typical Southern style greasy eats here. Firstly, this place is so beautiful. It's a fast-casual healthy eats place but it feels fancy. If you haven't been yet, I think you'll think the same after your first visit. The space is all mostly white & minimalist in decor, with lots of tall windows allowing plenty of natural light in and giving

MOFU Shoppe is Pho King Pho Nomenal

A stop into MOFU Shoppe, in downtown Raleigh is always an overall excellent experience. I first became aware of these ladies/business owners and their food truck a few years back when they started their food truck business. It was called “Dump Pho King Truck”. Cute hu? My friend Laura enticed me to check them out at a food truck rodeo in Durham. I’m glad I did. Since then, the food truck competed in Food Network’s reality TV show, -a food truck competition called, “The Gr