There’s now a Brasserie at Neuse River Brewing Co.

Neuse River Brewing Co. is one of my favorite breweries in Raleigh. I didn’t think it could get better but it did. It now has a brasserie in it, and today I tried it out for brunch. The brasserie opened fairly recently, (November), but I only now got down there. Yeah that is slower than I usually like to be about checking out a new place but better late than never, as they say. And apparently I’ve been missing out on a good thing! Enter through the big double doors with “NRBC

Wednesdays = Burger Night at Hummingbird

Wednesdays = Burger Night at Hummingbird in Raleigh. First things first though... One can’t come here & not get a cocktail. From the beginning, this place has been a favorite of mine for well-made cocktails. This cocktail is called Bobbin' for Apples. And now Hummingbird is also one of my faves for burgers too! I didn’t request any extras added, it comes this way: Bacon, cheddar, tomato, & arugula, and the fries. $14 total is worth this tastiness. Hummingbird 1053 E Whitaker

Raleigh Night Market, Grassroots Baby!

Recently I sat down to chat with the co-founders of the Raleigh Night Market, Lauryn Stroud, and Sara Buxton. In partnership with City Market, they host a fabulous community event in downtown Raleigh. Raleigh Night Market is a monthly event (March-November, 2019), which brings tons of incredible local artisans to one space. (City Market). Yes, local, local, local! Pottery, jewelry, clothes, food, drinks, and so much more. There is also live local music playing throughout, a

Noodle Soup at Mekong in Morrisville, NC

One of my favorite places for Vietnamese food in the Triangle is Mekong, in Morrisville, NC. They specialize in authentic Southern Vietnamese cuisine. It is a casual & inexpensive restaurant with great food and service. On this occasion, I opted for the pho, (noodle soup), as it has been quite cold lately here in the Triangle. What else are you gonna eat? Hot soup is perfect on days like these. I got the “Combination” pho, which contains several meats: well done beef, rare be

Excursion Day in Siler City, NC

A couple of weeks ago I trekked out to Siler City, NC for the day. It’s hardly a long drive, about an hour, (40 miles). Most of my trekking was on foot once I arrived. That was the goal, to explore downtown Siler City bit by bit, and of course capture some photos along the way. What better way to start my exploring than by checking out an eatery. I arrived at Artisan Hub for lunch. I opted for the hot Cubano sandwich with a delicious sauce (salsa verde), and side of smash-fri


Can't even begin to express how pleasantly surprised I was at the brunch offerings at Mystery Brewing in Hillsborough, NC. Well 1st of all, I don't know of too many breweries that offer brunch to begin with. 2nd of all, the quality of the food was impressive. I could just leave it there but I won't. Take notice of the top photo featuring their spin on a good 'ol favorite, shrimp & grits. It's different, and not always is that a good thing, however this here was really good! T

Carroll's Kitchen 1-yr Anniversary Party at Highgrove Estate

If you've followed me on social media for the past year, then surely you saw the posts about the then-anticipated opening of Carroll's Kitchen in downtown Raleigh. They opened, and it's been full steam ahead this entire year. Here we are now 1 year in and at yesterday's 1-yr anniversary party, it was announced that Carroll's Kitchen would be opening a 2nd location. This one will be in the soon-to-open Morgan Street Food Hall in downtown Raleigh. Best part of this in my opinio

Annelore's German Bakery in Raleigh, NC

There are only a few bakeries in the area that I'm a die-hard fan of, and Annelore's German Bakery is one of them. You can find their stand at the State Farmers Market in Raleigh, NC. (See address details below). They are the vendor at the very end of the line of vendors (across from the State Farmers Market Restaurant). Eventually, they will have a storefront in downtown Cary, NC, but that is still in the works. Come to think of it, I have read about the "coming soon" Cary s

Bida Manda - Laotian Food in Downtown Raleigh

Lunch at Bida Manada was delicious! You really need not read any further... maybe just scroll through the photos but rest assured, the dining experience will be on point if you decide to go. Bida Manda is a little Laotian restaurant, started by a brother and sister duo, Vansana and Vanvisa Nolintha. They wanted to bring their beloved family cuisine to downtown Raleigh in a welcoming space. Sure glad they did... Raleigh was lacking in this arena but not any longer. Bida Manda

Art in Bloom at North Carolina Museum of Art

Art in Bloom is back and bigger than last year. It starts TODAY! 56 floral interpretations are on display this year. This annual event is only in its 3rd year, and it has been going strong since the 1st year. I like to call it the event that appeals to all, as most people like flowers and here is a chance to view flowers that have been creatively manipluated to interpret pieces of art work from the museum's permanant collection. Get ready to see some unusual flowers as well a

Mystery Dinner at more. kitchen & bar

Recently I attanded a mystery dinner at more. kitchen & bar in downtown Raleigh. The restaurant was introducing a new concept in dining where participating guests get surprised with a mystery menu and wine pairing. But not just an ordinary surprise. A few days prior to our dinner, each guest in our party of 4 filled out a brief online survey, indicating our food preferences and no-no's, then sent it off to the chef. Based on this, Executive Chef Scott Phillips, developed a sp


Beasley's Chicken + Honey is one of those places that is always a safe bet. That's not to say it's ordinary. It's definitly not ordinary. The eats are always fresh and delicious. Their focus is fried chicken with plenty of Southern sides that are seasonal. One thing you should know when visiting Beasley's is that the menu is on boards on the wall straight in front of you when you walk in. To the left is another board above the bar which features all the drink options as well

Boston Butt Cook-Off for Charity at Ray Price Harley-Davidson

Last weekend I was a guest judge at an annual event that is hosted by Ray Price Harley-Davidson of Raleigh. It was a Boston Butt Cook-Off fundraiser for the Ride for Kids Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. In addition, on hand was live music performed by the band LaureNicole, a bike show, a stunt show, plus several vendors where you could get your shoppin' on. On hand was local wood craftsman, WordskyDesigns, Larry's Coffee rickshaw, Sweet Willie's Lip Smack'n BBQ Sauce and t

Second Act Artisan Cheese - Let's Make Cheese!

Rich Nathan Recently I took a cheese-making class at Second Act Artisan Cheese. Specifically, I took the Cheese Express Class, which is 3 hours long and you make 2 quick cheeses: Ricotta and Fromage Facile. It was so much fun! Plus end-result was delicious! I highly recommend this to anyone that loves cheese. After a brief introduction about the process of cheese-making, we got right down to it and started making our own cheeses. OK, so it was under the supervision and guidan

ANSEL ADAMS: MASTERWORKS at North Carolina Museum of Art Feb. 4 - May 7, 2017

ANSEL ADAMS: MASTERWORKS, is a new photography exhibition at North Carolina Museum of Art. American photographer & environmentalist, Ansel Adams is best know for his beautiful black and white images of majestic landscapes of America's west. He was born in 1902 in San Francisco, California, and died in 1984. He was known to say "You don't take a photograph, you make it". He deemed every aspect of a photo to be important. When photographing vast landscapes, he liked to make th

Royale Does a Burger Right

Although Royale, the French-American bistro located in downtown Raleigh, has been open for about 3 months now, this is the 1st time I was able to get in there. The place is usually packed and the last time I went on a weekend at 8:30pm, I learned they had started taking reservations and nothing was available for that night. Although last night I learned they are looking to do away with that. Yey! Some people don't think anything of it to make a reservation and not keep it and

Creativity On Demand: With Jason Goldberg & Doug Stewart

Just a few short months ago I attended the TEDxRaleigh event downtown, where I heard about a dozen speakers give inspiring talks. Theme was Wonderlust. All the speakers had something of value to contribute, but 2 speakers who stood out to me were Jason Goldberg and Doug Stewart. Jason's talk was about imagination, enthusiasm and fascination. Doug's talk was about the importance of mentorship and about taking responsibility of our own lives. Fast-forward a few months to today,

Night Kitchen Bakehouse & Cafe

One of my weekend stops was into Night Kitchen Bakehouse & Cafe. It's located in the Seaboard Station shopping center in Raleigh. This is the rustic blueberry & pear tart. It was top notch. No joke. Funny that I kinda forgot about this place after checking it out early on when they 1st opened. I stopped in a couple of times back then, but they had very limited selection of foods. Things have changed. Their bread and pastry offerings are plentiful and they have quite a few sav

Oak City Vegan Challenge

3 weeks of the Oak City Vegan Challenge. Can you handle it? Yes you can. What doesn it evan mean to be vegan? It means you eat all foods except aniamls and animal products. So that means, no milk, no eggs, etc. If you're like me, you're a meat eater, but you like incorporating a few vegan dishes into your diet every now and then. It's healthier, obviously, and frankly these days, what I encounter at restaurants is that chefs have gotten a good grip on making what many meat ea

Brunch at Provenance

Last Sunday, a friend and I headed to Provenance for brunch. Neither one of us had been there before, but afterwards, we agreed we'll be going again in the future. It's nice when you have your hopes set high on a place and it doesn't disappoint. Brunch is a great way to try a new place out, in my opinion. If brunch is not delicious, then I don't see a reason to make an effort to go to a place for lunch or dinner. Provenance, prides itself on keeping it local. According to the